It is mainly applied in the driving roller of coating machine, printing machine, dyeing machine, tape production equipment and paper diaper production equipment etc. Usually some of these equipments’ driving rollers will touch the coating glue surface, printing surface or dyeing surface. These rollers are easily spotted by the wetting printing surface and dyeing surface. It will lead the surface patterns of products are effected.

Stripping strength of traditional anti-sticking coating “Teflon” is too strong for hot melt adhesive. That is the anti-sticking performance and wear-resistance is not too good which led anti-sticking performance will lose effect in a short time. It will lead to low production efficiency, short maintenance cycle and high cost.

The thermal spraying anti-sticking wear-resistant coating which is newly invented by our company is using plasma thermal spraying technology. The coating has low stripping strength and good wear-resistance. Its whole performance is several tens of times better than Teflon’s. It can solve the problem caused by Teflon coating and is applied in various industrial fields. This coating technology has reached national leading level.