1.Thermal spraying technology can be applied in metal and nonmetal materials’ surface.

2.Coating material can be any solid engineering material, such as hard alloy, ceramic, metal, graphite.

3.The substrate can be in a relatively low temperature during thermal spraying process. The temperature can be controlled in the 30-200 ℃ generally. There is very limited thermal stress, so that the substrate will not deform and weaken.

4.High efficiency, less operating procedures, it is faster than electroplating.

5.There is no limitation on the size of workpiece which need be sprayed. It not only can be used in large equipment but also the part of workpiece.

6.The thickness of the coating can be varied from 0.01 mm to several mm.

7.Thermal spraying can let ordinary materials have special surface properties. It creates a coating on the surface of them with special function, such as good abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, oxidation resistance, insulation, conduct electricity and radiation protection.

8.It is adaptable and has remarkable economical benefit.