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    Spraying equipment:  

    80KW plasma spraying system (domestic)   4 sets

    100KW plasma spraying system (imported)   1 set

    HV-80-JP supersonic flame spraying system   1 set  

    DYMET 443 cold spraying system   1 set

    Spraying processing production capacity

    Roller maximum diameter 80cm maximum length 400cm  

    Various mechanical accessories 500,000 sets

    Grinding and polishing processing equipment

    External circular grinding machines (Shanghai machine)   2 sets

    40-type centerless grinding machines   4 sets

    80-type Centerless grinding machines   2 sets

    18-type high-precision Centerless grinding machines (Taiwan)    2 sets

    Flat surface grinding machine 1 set

    Belt polishing machine (600x3000mm)     1 set

    CNC lathe (several sets) 


    Grinding production capacity

    maximum diameter 320mm, maximum length 1.5 meters and mass production of all kinds of small shaft, plunger and other