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Mainly used in coating machines, printing machines, printing and dyeing machines, tape production machinery, diaper production machinery and other transmission rollers. Usually, some drive rollers of these equipments need to contact the glued surface, printing surface or printing surface, and the undried printing surface and printing surface are easy to contaminate the roller and affect the surface pattern of the product.

Stripping strength of traditional anti-sticking coating “Teflon” is too strong for hot melt adhesive. That is the anti-sticking performance and wear-resistance is not too good which led anti-sticking performance will lose effect in a short time. It will lead to low production efficiency, short maintenance cycle and high cost.

The invention patent (patent number: ZL 2010 1 0543575.X) independently researched and developed by our company "thermal spray anti-stick wear-resistant coating" adopts plasma thermal spray technology, uses nickel-based alloy dispersion bond polymer anti-stick material, and uses bionics "Lotus leaf effect", the coating has extremely low adhesive peeling force and excellent wear resistance, and the overall performance is dozens of times higher than that of Teflon coating, reaching the national leading level in this field.