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1. Working time: 8:00-16:30 (morning and middle shifts for some production positions, 16:30-00:30 for middle shifts);  

2. Five insurances + one housing fund (meet the requirements) + provides for accident insurance;  

3. Self-built staff canteen, providing free working meals;  

4. Enjoy rental subsidies or travel subsidies;  

5. It has rich entertainment facilities and carries out various activities (table tennis, billiards, badminton, etc.);  

6, Give cash and welfare products when meet national festivals;  

7. Staff travel every two years;  

8. Carry out league building activities from time to time;  

9. Conduct physical examination for employees every year;  

10. Enjoy high temperature subsidy;  

11. Enjoy birthday benefits and distribute birthday gifts;  

12. Have annual salary adjustment mechanism for all staff and irregular promotion and salary adjustment mechanism, and enjoy the company's annual bonus.