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The ceramic materials which plasma spraying ceramic thermal barrier coating use are mainly yttria partially stabilized zirconia, silicon oxide and aluminium oxide. Thermal barrier coating has excellent high temperature resistance, low heat conductivity, good high temperature gas erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance. It can work stably under the temperature of 800-1600℃. It lets the high temperature alloy substrate have “fireproof armor” and prolongs the service life of the substrate material.


1. Heated parts of aviation, ship and land gas turbine, engine combustor; Protective coating of rocket nozzle, civil internal combustion engine, charging turbine and heat treatment annealing furnace etc.

2. Graphite products’ high temperature resistant protective coating, High temperature oxidation resistant protective coating of powder metallurgy sintering fixture and brazing fixture etc.

3. Semiconductor, etching machine, sintering of semiconductor components.

Coating material:

1. YSZ (ZrO2-Y2O3 7%): Low heat conductivity, high temperature gas erosion resistance.

2. YCZ (ZrO2-Y2O3-CeO2): Good high temperature oxidation resistance, good thermal shock resistance, with function of organism catalytic combustion. Applied in heat resistant catalytic combustion coating of internal combustion engine piston’s top and can reduce the unburned organic matter content in the exhaust at least 80%.

3. Al2O3: High temperature corrosion resistance, good heat stability. High reflectance to light and high temperature radiation.

4. Mullite (Al2O3-SiO2): High temperature corrosion resistance, good acid resistance, slag erosion resistance and resistance to high temperature flue gas particles erosion.

5. Yttrium oxide (Y2O3): resistant to plasma corrosion, used in semiconductor silicon wafer etching, high temperature resistance of 1500-2000 degrees.